Polpan KZ Held a Presentation

March 15, 2019 Polpan Insulation KZ held a presentation, the main topic of which was the coverage of a new product produced in Kazakhstan - Bituminous membranes.

The history of the Company and the brand as well as the production of products by BTM Corporation were also highlighted.

The project was attended by both project and contracting organizations, such as:

Sabrina international, Energoprom, Soyuz Tech Story, SK Basis, Nurly Saulet, Qualiti roofing, BitOil and others.

During the presentation, a number of questions were asked by the audience. For example, such as:

- general warranty obligations at the facilities of the contractor and supplier

- availability of ready-made design solutions for design organizations

- Ability to supply materials to other regions

- availability of a technical specialist, for joint development of design solutions and site visits to confirm the quality of work.